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Fresh dishes include both savoury and sweet treats

Guests at the best Italian restaurant Krabi can enjoy their Italian cuisine and fine wines in air-conditioned comfort, where they watch the chefs working in the open kitchen, or they can sit outside on the terrace overlooking the pool and the spa garden.

There are many different kinds of food in Krabi, from all over the world, but everyone loves Italian food and Venezia is acknowledged as the best Italian restaurant Krabi can offer.

The colourfully illustrated menu at the best Italian restaurant Krabi is a joy to explore, as guests settle back with a glass of wine and prepare to enjoy a fine dining Krabi experience.

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There is a list of fresh pasta dishes at the best Italian restaurant Krabi, with the sauces made from Italian ingredients and seafood such as lobster, mussels, sea urchin and crab. Specials of the house include linguine with Andaman spiny lobster on a light tomato and saffron sauce, artisanal bucatini pasta with sea urchins, and al-dente spaghetti with clams and mussels.

The Venezia restaurant Krabi is renowned for its risotto menu featuring eight different styles of risotto dishes, made with the famous Acquerello rice from Italy, and guests have the choice of the one-year or seven-year aged rice which both provide totally different characteristics and flavours.

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The best Italian restaurant Krabi naturally offers the best pizza in Krabi, homemade in the wood-fired oven and using Italian flour and other authentic ingredients. Pizza toppings include Taleggio cream with fresh baby spinach and finely sliced Culatello ham, smoked salami with spicy tomato sauce, and the classic Neapolitan.

Main courses feature chicken and fresh seafood, as well as vegetarian courses, and if you wish you can order a four-course degustation menu with the option of a wine pairing of two or four glasses. There is also a two-course combo meal with the best pizza in Krabi and a sweet Italian dessert.

The Venezia restaurant Krabi has the best Italian desserts, including a tiramisu that is not to be missed, and an artisan cheese palette served with honey and oven-dried grapes.

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The big brushchetta

The best Italian restaurant Krabi is also the place to watch for the most inventive Italian antipasto, with some of the most exciting Italian food in Krabi being Chef Marco Amarone’s signature bruschetta recipes.

Guests can choose between variations like the classic tomato passata, arugula and burrata cheese; simple yet delicious green pea and pesto; flavourful mouthfuls of mushroom, asparagus, Taleggio cheese and prosciutto; and a puttanesca style bruschetta with tomatoes, oregano, capers and olives.

Lovers of seafood can opt for the zucchini, buffalo mozzarella and shrimps bruschetta, or a simple bruschetta topped Roman-style with artichokes, arugula, Pecorino cheese, fava beans and a crack of black pepper.

Prices of the bruschetta antipasto at the best Italian restaurant Krabi start at THB 160++.



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