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Tiger Cave Temple

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Krabi province has many fascinating temples, for even in the most humble temples, you will find examples of architecture, sculpture, painting, and decorative arts and crafts that make them unique Krabi attractions. A popular excursion with Sofitel Krabi is to the Krabi Tiger Cave Temple, or as it is known in Thai, Wat Tham Seua.

Set in a beautiful forest, this is one of the great Krabi attractions. in addition to being a place of worship, it is a famous meditation center and acts as a retreat for Buddhist monks and nuns from all over the world.

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About Tiger Cave Temple

Krabi Tiger Cave Temple is not an old temple. Having been founded only in the late 1970s by Abbot Luang Por Chamnean Srilasatheto, who came to meditate in a cave here. At that time, this area was covered in thick jungle, and a tiger entered the cave. The tiger, however, did not harm the abbot, prompting him to regard this as a sacred spot.

Although this is one of the most popular Krabi attractions, a degree of physical fitness is required to visit the Krabi Tiger Cave Temple.

The site is only a few kilometers outside of Krabi Town and easily reached on an excursion with Sofitel Krabi, but the shrine itself is on top of a small mountain. A climb of 1,260 stairs is required, with some stair risers being more than 30 cm high. The top of the stairs is at an elevation of 278 meters, and the view is gorgeous enough to take away what remains of your breath.

Some visitors like to combine a Krabi city tour with a late afternoon visit to the Krabi Tiger Cave, climbing the steps in time to stand beside the huge golden Buddha figure and view the sun setting over the town and forest.

Opening-Closing Hour : The Tiger cave temple Krabi is officially open from 8AM until 5 PM

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