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Luxury Hotel in Krabi

Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort is the best luxury hotel in Krabi. Our hotel in Krabi offers 276 sophisticated rooms and suites. Surrounding the rooms are beautiful tropical gardens and Thailand’s largest swimming pool. In addition, the hotel offers a luxurious spa, a large fitness center, and a variety of cuisine restaurants. Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra also offers luxury speedboat tours to nearby islands and exciting sporting activities for the guests.

Krabi is well-known for its gorgeous scenery. Together with amazing beaches and alluring islands. Krabi’s reef scenery is amongst the best in the world. This makes the province a perfect spot for coral diving. Nevertheless, this province also has the most photogenic sunset views with a beautiful sky. Plus, travelers can dive into the crystalline sea of the Andaman Coast, enjoy fresh food, and visit local authentic shops. With all these factors combined, Krabi is one of Thailand’s most alluring and thrilling travel destinations.


Experience a Tropical Escape at this Luxury Hotel in Krabi


Best Luxury Hotel in Krabi


At Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra, the luxury hotel in Krabi, all rooms and suites are well equipped with full accommodations. All have free Wi-Fi access, furniture, and balconies. Furthermore, some of them have direct access to the swimming pool and others have a sea view. The hotel came up with the timeless French colonial concept to offer a poetic ambiance for the guests.


SO SPA with L’Occitane


For all the guests who visit Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra, we offer special welfare, which brings all the guests unforgettable experiences. Initially, take a rest and relax at the “SO SPA with L’Occitane” spa with talented massage therapists. The spa uses the best natural and organic ingredients together with ancient and modern therapy methods.

This standalone building has a gorgeous Thai-style décor and is situated in the gardens of Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra. And in 2019, with the votes cast by the massage guests themselves, SO Spa received an honorable award. The award for “the Best Luxury Golf Resort Spa in Southeast Asia” at the World Luxury Spa Awards.


Luxury Hotel in Krabi with World-Class Facilities


In addition, the hotel also offers an enormous 400m-long lagoon-style pool and palm trees along the poolside. Creating a metrical ambiance for the guests who are soaking in the swimming pool. Nearby the pool, the hotel also provides a swim-up bar and a jacuzzi to enhance the tropical environment.

Guzzling the tropical beverage at the swim-up bar to feel the taste of paradise. Eventually, the hotel always throws a kids’ foam party for all children for free every Saturday at the kids’ pool. Importantly, every last Saturday of the month, the hotel will throw a “Splash seafood brunch & foam party” for all guests. Come, visit, and enjoy the exclusive party at this luxury hotel in Krabi.


Recreational Activities for all


Apart from the pool, the hotel also provides a quality fitness center with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Here at the hotel, we open the fitness center for 24 hours except for sauna and hanman service. The fitness center is equipped with the most updated technology facilities to drive the best performance for guests.

The experience is open to everyone, including outside guests who are not staying at Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra. With the price of THB 300++ per person only for all access. Not only indoor activities, the hotel also provides outdoor facilities. There is a tennis court and a 9-hole golf course provided for guests to experience the wilderness of nature.


The call of Krabi’s nature


To answer the call of Mother Nature, Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra provided exclusive activities for all travelers to explore. While staying at the hotel, travelers can experience a variety of alternatives to get close to Krabi’s nature.

This luxury hotel in Krabi introduces the activity of riding on a fat tire bike around Klong Muang Beach. With this venture, the guests can fully encounter the beauty of the beach and surrounding scenery.
Water sports at this Luxury Hotel in Krabi

Plus, a water sports activity for participation to enjoy the thrill of windsurfing, sailing, diving kayaking, etc. Especially for kayaking activities, guests can admire the beauty of the Andaman coast on a crystal clear kayak. In which, the explorers can sail and see the pure water underneath at the same time. Besides, for any guests who have no skill in diving or swimming underwater, the hotel does provide snorkeling lessons.

While taking the course, customers will study the fundamentals of breathing and swimming underwater. Noticeably, the swimming pool will be the location for taking all snorkeling lessons.


The Magic of Opulent Cuisine


At the Best luxury hotel in Krabi, Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra, all guests can taste the diversity of cuisine. Based on the preference of each customer, we offer three main types of cuisine. For any customer who prefers Thai-international cuisine style, Maya Restaurant should be the destination for them. Another category would be Italian cuisine. Guests can find this relish at Venezia Restaurant, where all Italian dishes are assembled.

The last classification of flavor is offered for guests who have a taste for Thai-Indian cuisine. Customers can find authentic Thai and Indian dishes at the White Lotus Restaurant for pleasure. Besides, at the Explorer Bar of the hotel, guests can relax with their favorite drinks and listen to live music. Guests can find the bar easily on the first floor near the lobby. For the benefit of customers, the hotel is always ready to ease hunger away.


Luxury Hotel facilities


Deluxe Bonus Offers


At Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra, the hotel provides plenty of promotions and special offers for guests. All to give the consumers the most luxurious experience while staying at the hotel.


A Romantic and Luxurious Honeymoon at this Luxury Hotel in Krabi 


Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra resort offers couples a memorable, one-of-a-lifetime wedding with opulent features. All the weddings at this luxury hotel in Krabi will be prepared with a romantic and amorous ambiance. The hotel will put all its efforts into creating the most luxurious moments for all couples while staying here. Making every minute count and worthwhile for visitors.

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